How To Add Recipes To Your Ricoh GR Camera

Captured with a Ricoh GR using the “Classic Analog” recipe in The Color Landscape Collection.

Adding recipes to your Ricoh GR, GR II or GR III camera is easy!

For Ricoh GR and GR II cameras, there are six “My Settings” presets that can be programmed into the camera with recipe parameters. There are only three My Settings on the top dial, My1, My2 and My3, but the camera can save six, and these can be assigned to the three dial options (in other words, they can be swapped in and out).

Select Menu (the middle button inside the D-Pad), and in the Key Custom Options find Edit My Settings. From there you select which (of the six) custom preset you want to create or edit. Enter the required recipe parameters and save. Then set the White Balance using the WB button at the bottom of the D-Pad. Done!

Another (perhaps more simple) option is to set the Effect using the Effect button on the side of the camera, set the White Balance using WB button on the bottom of the D-Pad, and set the Dynamic Range Compensation and Noise Reduction in the Shooting menu. Alternatively, Effect and White Balance can be set from within the Shooting menu.

For the GR III, it’s similar to the GR and GR II, but a little different. You still have six presets (called Boxes), three of which can be programmed to be accessed through U1, U2 and U3 on the top dial (sound familiar?). One difference is that you have to enter in all of the parameters first. Select Menu and within Still Image Settings select everything required for the recipe. Then select within Custom Settings (a.k.a. “C”) the “Box” you want to save it to. Saving recipes to Boxes for access through U1, U2 and U3 isn’t required, but it is helpful.

There are many other settings on your camera that aren’t found in the recipes. My recipes are simply a way to achieve various JPEG looks. You’ll have to decide for yourself how you want all of the other settings to be. I recommend reading your camera’s manual. It’s important to know the ins-and-outs of your tools. If you don’t have the paper copy of your manual, you’ll find a digital copy for the GR here, GR II here, and GR III here.

Below are a couple videos (not by me) that might be helpful to you.

For GR & GR II:


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