Understanding the Ricoh Recipe Collections

“Vintage Teal” recipe from The Lomo Collection.
“Xpro Teal” recipe from The Street Collection.

I’ve created (as of this writing) four recipe collections that are compatible with the Ricoh GR & GR II cameras, and four recipe collections that are compatible with the Ricoh GR III. Each collection contains five recipes (plus a bonus recipe available to Patrons on the Ricoh Recipes App!). The four GR & GR II recipe Collections are Color City, Color Landscape, Lomo, and Monochrome. The four GR III recipe Collections are Nature, Road Trip, Street, and B&W.

If a recipe is in, for example, The Street Collection, it means that, in my opinion, it is a good option for street photography. But just because a recipe is in a certain collection, doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for other genres of photography. There is a recipe in The Street Collection called Royal Supra that might be a good option for landscape photography. In The Nature Collection is a recipe called Analog Film that might be a good option for street photography.

The collections are intended to make it easier to find the “right” recipes for the “right” situations, but they’re not intended to be stereotyped. Feel free to try a recipe in The Lomo Collection for street photography, or a recipe in The Road Trip Collection for landscapes. Don’t be afraid to mix it up.

For each camera there are 20 (as of this writing) compatible recipes (plus four bonus recipes on the app). The Ricoh GR and Ricoh GR II share the same Collections because those two cameras are so similar. The GR II does have a few Effects that the GR doesn’t, but I don’t (yet) have any recipes that take advantage those new Effects. The GR III is significantly different, so it has its own recipes.

Published by Ritchie Roesch

I'm a freelance photographer in the Phoenix, Arizona, metro area. I create straight-out-of-camera looks for Fujifilm, Ricoh GR, Nikon, and iPhone cameras.

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