Ricoh Recipes App Update!!!

I just released an update to the Ricoh Recipes App! If your phone didn’t automatically update the App, make sure that you manually do it now.

Don’t have the Ricoh Recipes App? Download it for free today! Consider becoming a Patron to unlock the best App experience and to support this website.

What’s in this Ricoh Recipes App update? Two things: Random Recipe Selector and Colored Stars.

Not sure which recipe to use? The Random Recipe Selector is a fun tool that allows the Ricoh Recipe App to choose a recipe for you! Simply tap the criss-crossed arrows at the top-right, and you’ll be presented with a recipe to try. This is available to everyone—Patrons and non-Patrons alike—but Patrons can use this in conjunction with the Filter options, making it an even more useful feature. The Random Recipe Selector is so much fun, you’ll find yourself using it all of the time just to see what you get.

Ricoh Recipes App Patrons have the ability to “Star” their Favorite recipes, but now Stars come in five different colors: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue & Purple. Colored Stars are a great way to organize recipes into different categories. Use the different colors to mean different things. For example, you might choose Yellow for the recipes you like most and Red for the ones you want to try next. Or you might use Yellow to indicate which ones you like in daylight conditions, Red for indoors, Green for overcast, etc.—you can use them however it is that makes the most sense to you. Colored Stars is a great way to better organize the recipes for your Ricoh GR cameras!

Published by Ritchie Roesch

I'm a freelance photographer in the Phoenix, Arizona, metro area. I create straight-out-of-camera looks for Fujifilm, Ricoh GR, Nikon, and iPhone cameras.

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