Introducing The Film Collection of Recipes!

Classic Emulsion Recipe — Ricoh GR III

I just published a new set of Ricoh GR III & GR IIIx Recipes: The Film Collection!

The Film Collection includes six brand-new Recipes, five of which are freely available to everyone on Ritchie’s Ricoh Recipes and the Ricoh Recipes App, and the sixth is available exclusively on the Ricoh Recipes App for Patron subscribers.

Most of these Recipes require the new Negative Film Image Control Effect, so be sure to update the firmware on your camera if you haven’t done so already.

Classic Emulsion

Positive Emulsion

Kodak Print

Film Look

Vintage Film

Nostalgic Print

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Update Your Ricoh GR III and GR IIIx to Get Negative Film

New “Negative Film” Picture Control Effect on the Ricoh GR III

If you haven’t updated your Ricoh GR III and/or GR IIIx, be sure to do so right now! Ricoh just added a new Picture Control Effect called Negative Film. I have no doubts that this will become just as popular as the Positive Film effect. And, of course, I’m already working on some Ricoh Recipes for you, which will be on this website and the Ricoh Recipes App just as soon as I’m finished. It was so awesome and unexpected for Ricoh to do this Kaizen update, and it will certainly make their customers very happy.

Click here to update your Ricoh GR III. Click here to update your Ricoh GR IIIx. If you are stuck on how to do it, this video tutorial should help (click here).

Below are some more examples of some photos captured using the new Negative Film Picture Control Effect on my Ricoh GR III.

Ricoh Recipes App Update!!!

I just released an update to the Ricoh Recipes App! If your phone didn’t automatically update the App, make sure that you manually do it now.

Don’t have the Ricoh Recipes App? Download it for free today! Consider becoming a Patron to unlock the best App experience and to support this website.

What’s in this Ricoh Recipes App update? Two things: Random Recipe Selector and Colored Stars.

Not sure which recipe to use? The Random Recipe Selector is a fun tool that allows the Ricoh Recipe App to choose a recipe for you! Simply tap the criss-crossed arrows at the top-right, and you’ll be presented with a recipe to try. This is available to everyone—Patrons and non-Patrons alike—but Patrons can use this in conjunction with the Filter options, making it an even more useful feature. The Random Recipe Selector is so much fun, you’ll find yourself using it all of the time just to see what you get.

Ricoh Recipes App Patrons have the ability to “Star” their Favorite recipes, but now Stars come in five different colors: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue & Purple. Colored Stars are a great way to organize recipes into different categories. Use the different colors to mean different things. For example, you might choose Yellow for the recipes you like most and Red for the ones you want to try next. Or you might use Yellow to indicate which ones you like in daylight conditions, Red for indoors, Green for overcast, etc.—you can use them however it is that makes the most sense to you. Colored Stars is a great way to better organize the recipes for your Ricoh GR cameras!

Ricoh Recipes App Update!

The Ricoh Recipes App just received an update today! If your phone didn’t automatically update the app, be sure to do so manually now.

What’s in this update? Some bug fixes, plus the ability to search for recipes by name was added. A new Recipe Collection for the GR III and GR IIIx was also published, so check that out, too!

Don’t have the Ricoh Recipes App? Download it today!

New Ricoh GR III Recipe Collection: California Negative

Introducing The California Negative Collection! These six brand-new JPEG recipes—inspired by California’s endless summer—are compatible with the GR III and GR IIIx cameras. Five are available right now on this website, and the sixth is a bonus recipe available only on the Ricoh Recipes App for Patrons.

Take a look at the six recipes in The California Negative Collection!

Vibrant Analog

Vibrant Teal

Vintage Print

Chrome Slide

Aged & Faded

Cross Process

The California Negative Collection
Ricoh GR III Recipes

Ricoh GR III + B&W Negative Recipe + Snow

Today was a snow day, so I put on some warm clothes, grabbed my Ricoh GR cameras, and headed out to do some photography. There’s something special about photographing in freshly falling snow—despite the lack of weather-sealing, the Ricoh GR cameras do just fine, spending most of the time in my pocket staying warm and dry.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself, though. For Christmas, my wife, Amanda, designed for me a Ricoh Recipes sweater using her Cricut Maker. This was my first time wearing the sweater, so Amanda came with me to capture some pictures of me wearing it. She wanted to use her iPhone, but I insisted that she use my GR III instead, something she hadn’t done before.

The Ricoh GR III was programmed with the Black & White Negative recipe, which is found in The B&W Collection and on the Ricoh Recipes App. Amanda wanted the pictures to be black-and-white, and I thought that this recipe would do well for these pictures. Because of the high-contrast scene (white snow/black sweater), I wonder if the Monochrome Film recipe might have been a better choice, but it’s not what I programmed into the camera. Besides, the Black & White Negative recipe did do well for the pictures that I wasn’t in.

This was Amanda’s first time shooting with a Ricoh GR camera. She found it to be lightweight and quick. She told me that it was kind of like a point-and-shoot experience, but since she was just learning how to use it, she didn’t feel that she realized the full potential of it—easy enough for the uninitiated to get good results right away, yet sophisticated enough for advanced photographers.

While we were out, I captured the five pictures below using the GR III with the Black & White Negative recipe. They’re straight-out-of-camera JPEGs, except that I cropped them to a 3:4 aspect ratio.

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Ricoh Recipes App Makes The Rounds

I’m currently working on the next Recipe Collection, and once that’s finished it will be published on this website and on the Ricoh Recipes App. In the meantime, I thought I would share a few articles I found on the web regarding the App. Enjoy!

Digital Camera World
Exibart Street

As I previously reported, the App was also covered by PetaPixel, PentaxRumors, and Medium.




Ritchie’s Ricoh Recipes on The Stealth Photographer Podcast

Ritchie’s Ricoh Recipes was on The Stealth Photographer Podcast! If you have 30 minutes to spare today, I invite you to give it a listen. I want to thank Jason for having me on. Although it was a short interview, I had a lot of fun. With any luck, it will help spread the word of this website, and more will discover the joy of shooting JPEGs on the Ricoh GR cameras!

Find all of my Ricoh JPEG recipes on the Ricoh Recipes App!

The Ricoh Recipes App featured on PetaPixel!

PetaPixel just featured the Ricoh Recipes App on their website! Whoa! This is a very big deal. I’m really honored and humbled. PentaxRumors also mentioned the app on their website, as did Medium. It seems like the word is getting out.

Click here to learn more about the Ricoh Recipes App!